The enterprise values
  • Broad group of core values
    The core values of the soul:
    Professional innovation, integrity, and is simple and efficient, harmonious development
    Identifying core values:
    1, the core values is the "law", from the active aspect, it is the enterprise advocate things; from the passive aspect, is not contrary to the rules of behavior of enterprise, is the enterprise must adhere to the bottom line, even pay for these bottom line is never quit.
    2, the enterprise concept emphasized in the core value of different development stage and period can vary widely, especially group currently need to emphasise is professional innovation, through professional and innovative upgrade the status of industry; integrity at all, through honesty and self-discipline improve dare to take the responsibility consciousness; simple and efficient, the pursuit of a simple upgrade input and output; harmonious development, through a harmonious environment continues to promote the sustainable development of enterprises.
    3, the future development of the group, after the above basic has done is good, can be the core values on the upgrade, put forward higher requirements on a higher level, so as to promote the continuous development of the enterprises.
    · special group wide vision: to be the first-class power equipment manufacturers and power system contractor;
    · wide group mission; let the world more energy is;
    · wide group enterprise spirit: wide rivers, special and superior.