Talent concept
  • GMT electronics has been adhering to the "talent is the first productivity" concept of talent, talent will be regarded as the greatest wealth.
    1, in the enterprise to establish "reasonable suggestion system", employees can dedicated channel through the enterprise develops, put forward their views and suggestions on enterprise management, production, management, technology and other aspects of work, if the staff recommendations to the development of enterprises have help, enterprises will seriously consider and implement, and put forward the reasonable suggestions employees will be rewarded.
    2, the first in the industry to provide "full training and further study plan", through the implementation of the plan, guangte Electric will be a lot of technical backbone to the international famous university for further study.
    3, pay close attention to the life and thought of dynamic staff, and strive to create a "home" feeling, let the staff put guangte electric as a big family, experience the warmth of home, at the same time the staff in the advocacy of "fair, open, justice".
    4, continue to pay attention to employee needs, organize various cultural activities such as the year, annual party, basketball, training development, youth activities, employee participation and cultural identity, strengthened their faith, to improve the company's overall cohesion.
    5, through the sound of the evaluation and incentive system, every year from primary screening self-motivated and development potential of the staff to carry out targeted training, providing greater performance stage for talent, but also for the enterprise's future reserve talent.  

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