Guangte electric
  • Guangdong Guangte Electric Co. Ltd. (registered trademark "electric") was founded in 2000, is a set of power equipment manufacturing, sales, to provide customers with energy solutions consulting, implementation, training, technical support the full range of system integration services collectivization enterprise mode.
    The company is the former State Administration of machinery industry, the state power company 110kV oil immersed power transformers, 35kV and below power transformer, 35kV high and low voltage complete sets of equipment and intelligent switchgear fixed-point production enterprise, is the southern Power Grid Corp quality supplier.
    After 10 years of accumulation and development, "electric" has a high-quality personnel echelon team, strong technical strength, advanced testing equipment, stable and efficient production equipment and other hardware facilities, with the core technology of 2 national invention patents, new products, the original 32 utility model patents, environmental protection, energy saving the (New technology). In 2010, with the good opportunity of fast development of national electric power industry, to expand the "visibility guangte electric" brand, company established by Guangdong State Energy Electric Co Ltd, Guangdong dimension can Electric Co. Ltd., Xi'an dimension can Electric Co. Ltd., Xi'an Weineng Electric Co. Ltd. as the R & D guangte electric in the test base, to provide a strong support for the further development of industrial technology, the upgrading of enterprises.
    The company actively for the enterprise system to provide energy-saving diagnosis, financing, transformation, operation management, technical training, energy-saving service, building energy efficiency service network. To promote the region to accelerate the pace of high energy consuming equipment eliminated, energy saving.
    All products are in strict accordance with the national standards, ISO9001 quality management system, 3C quality certification system of production, the quality of the products have passed the "identification of Guangdong Province and two" and "two" was commissioned by the Commission, Guangdong Provincial Radio and television group company product, its energy efficiency rating in conformity with the standard of class 1, made China energy-saving product certification; the company has been rated as "high-tech enterprises", "private technology enterprise", "enterprise" energy-saving products, "quality credit AAA enterprise", "Guangdong Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center", "provincial enterprise technology center, Guangdong Province" registered trademark "guangte electric" was named the famous brand of Guangdong Province, enjoys a high reputation and popularity in the market.
    In the new stage of development, wide electric will continue to provide first-class products and first-class service to the development of innovative spirit for the new and old customers, guangte Electric is willing to join hands with friends from various circles, and strive to create a more beautiful tomorrow!


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