• Guangdong Electric was founded in 1993, mainly engaged in production and sales of electrical equipment, variable transmission and distribution,and to provide energy management services, the company is located in South Shishan, is one of Foshan City transmission and distribution equipment is the leading enterprises, high-tech enterprises in the key state support of private technology enterprises, Guangdong Province industry.

    The company gathered a large number of cutting-edge technology and management talent in the industry, product technology, quality, service by the user's recognition and affirmation, 2012 was rated as high-qualitysuppliers in China Southern Power grid. And to establish long-term strategic cooperative relations with China Southern Power Grid Comprehensive Energy Co Ltd.

    In 2012, in response to the key policy orientation of the national energy-saving emission reduction, the establishment of the company comprehensive energy division, is committed to providing technical services to our customers, energy transformation, energy comprehensive utilization project service. Relying on the "wide electric" brand platform resources,capital and other advantages, with strong market competitiveness in all aspects of the integration of technology, market development, project investment, construction, operation.

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