• Guangdong Guangte complete / components division, Guangdong bangneng electric Investment Co. Ltd, Guangdong Vernon Electric Co. Ltd. is a broad special group under the branch, subsidiary, the cause of the package to undertake the group's business in the traditional high voltage switch cabinet of R & D, production, sales business, and maintain the good momentum of rapid development the state; Guangdong Electric is a professional engaged in 10KV, 35KV preassemble type transformer substation, combined transformers, buried is a transformer, cable branch box and other power equipment research and production and marketing integration of high-tech enterprises; Guangdong dimension is a new type of a professional enterprise specialized in manufacturing vacuum isolating circuit breaker, is an extension of the original group of high and low voltage complete set switching equipment, the company based on intelligent electric power equipment, miniaturization, high reliability and energy saving and environmental protection technology development concept, around the "development", "innovation" mode of operation, to create a unique brand image, the current WZ1-12 vertical rotary vacuum isolating circuit breaker production company is a new generation of functional composite the combined type products our domestic enterprises and Research Center in cooperation, research and development, and achieved a number of national patents, the core elements and main parts function composite, Is a multi machine, has the advantages of simple structure, miniaturization, environmental protection and energy saving intelligent products, in 2006 successfully passed the national appraisal, appraisal conclusion for: genus of scientific and technology achievements, technology to achieve international advanced level of similar products.

    The company has advanced assembly and testing equipment, absorbing domestic and international advanced technology process, with sheet metal processing, machine processing of advanced production capacity, products strictly according to ISO9001 quality management system, relying on the West High Institute senior expert, Professor Qiang Dayan for team development team, and laid a solid foundation for the development of a product, guarantee the customer expectations and needs.

    Open arms, special and outstanding, as wide special group under the branch, subsidiary, we will continue to implement and develop "guangte electric" business philosophy, the implementation of the national "not to move or retreat of the strategic position of transfer mode, adjust the structure", to revitalize the national industry as our own duty, making a contribution to the country the functions of the power grid construction!

    At present the company has 4000000 years of production of KVA/ main transformer, distribution transformer in 6300000 KVA/ years, complete sets of equipment 5800 Taiwan (sets) / year, circuit breaker 6000 / year production capacity





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