• Guangte International Business Department (IBD, International Business Department), founded in 2013,formerly the GuangTe international business group, entered the international electrical engineering and general market in 2003, as a full-time pioneer in overseas operations team, responsible for the overall operations outside the GuangTe development. IBD Foreign actively explore the international market for electrical and overall project, and working closely with partners around through the products and technologies will be GuangTe team of experts and experience in successful product output to different markets; Guangte team responsible for developing a GuangTe variety of products internationally of the implementation of standards, to promote the internationalization of the company's overall business. IBD department called "entrepreneurial team GuangTe large platform", with a covering business development, product design, technology development, platform operators, such as the role of the division of electrical and construction professionals. Relying on strong R & D team in China, IBD covers a GuangTe special types of electrical products and engineering services, including: BOT, TOT, EPC, EMC, and other types of international business. "Achieving Guangte overseas venture," IBD who are passionate ambition.

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